Snorkel Southdown 4x4

20000 RUB
Weight: 5 Kg
Southdown Raised Air Intakes consist of Stainless Steel Pipe Work and Hardware, with Injection Moulded Ram Scoop and Wing Mouldings*. A Combination which gives Looks, Strength and Performance. Ram Effect Scoop for Roadwork, Negating any Drag of the Plumbing with a Rotatable Top for Off Road . The flexible hose on these units run directly from the base of the stainless pipe to your Air Filter Assembly. On Defender this eliminates several joints on standard pipe work that can fail, just when you don't need them too!! If the Intake Mouth on an Air Intake system becomes blocked by leaves or other matter, large vacuums are produced. The resulting effect on side wing mounted systems is that joints fail, especially on internal standard pipe work. The internal mouldings in standard pipe work that these externally mounted systems join to simply clip together. Their rigidity is such that the joints cannot stand large vacuums and they collapse. Another often ignored item is the dump valve, too many forget to remove it when preparing for Off Road. Although this valve may work well for standard systems in letting water out that has entered the side air intake, in a short time the rubber becomes hard and perished. In Deep Wading situations these tend to let the water in, not out!!

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